Mercian Leasing is committed to providing outstanding customer service to all it's customers.

A group of carefully selected finance houses that will provide the best rates, a variety of products, and small or no deposits for quality customers that enjoy a good credit rating.
Specialist funders that will assist customers who have unique problems with obtaining finance due to CCJ's, mortgage arrears, possible IVA and bankruptcy orders, or who may not be located on the electoral roll or have been refused finance elsewhere.

One to seven year terms available.

No deposit plans.

VAT only deposit scheme.

One monthly payment deposit.

Deposit with VAT deferred - You will decide which month you want to pay the VAT element of the deposit, and then claim it back immediately to assist your cash flow.

One to seven year terms available.

No deposit plans.

One monthly payment (equivalent to 3%).

10% deposits.

Our sales team will calculate the taxable benefits available to you. In many cases demonstrating the total amount payable can be less than the original purchase price.

Title terms available at the end of all leases.

Unsecured loans from £5,000 to £350,000.

Secured loans up to £2 million.

One to five year terms available.

Use the money for any purpose.

Factoring accelerates your cash flow by releasing vital monies tied into your sales ledger.

Whether slow paying customers are constricting your finances or you need help with credit control, a facility via Mercian Leasing will be carefully constructed to meet your particular business needs.

Mercian Leasing can advise you on the best possible way to raise and introduce cash into your business using assets you already own.

Not all businesses have the same needs. We will listen to your requirements and carefully tailor facilities to optimise your cash flow, making sure you are best placed to meet your cash demands.

Mercian Leasing is a trading name of Triumph Commercial Services Limited, an independent Credit Broker which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Permission No.641601.

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