Providing suppliers with a Sales Assistance Programme, enabling your business to grow.

Mercian Leasing assists suppliers of vehicles, trailers, light commercials, plant equipment, cars, equipment sales and any other asset a business requires with a purchase price of £5,000 or more. You will enjoy access to twenty six different finance houses, providing a variety of underwriting standards and criteria that will allow you to sell your products to a wider customer base. This will increase your market place, presence and sales opportunities.
Products available include hire purchase, lease with and without residuals and interest rates that start from 3.5%.
We offer an extensive range of different finance solutions, making the purchase of your product a more attractive and affordable option to your customers with a variety of deposits and monthly payments available to suit your customer's budget.
Experience a service level that frees up your time and gives you the confidence that the team at Mercian Leasing will handle the finance transaction from start to finish.
We welcome applications your other finance outlets cannot help. Mercian Leasing will take responsibility for not only securing the finance for these customers, but also selling and explaining the benefits of the alternative products we can offer.
All successful applications are included in our introducer's commission structure plan with two options of payment available. This rewards sales staff and assists your company profits.

Mercian Leasing is a trading name of Triumph Commercial Services Limited, an independent Credit Broker which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Permission No.641601.

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